Hello fellow freedom seeker,

Welcome to my about me page. I have come here today to tell you about my business, the path I am taking and why I decided to go down this road.


I am a full-time Nomad, Nerd, and Jill-of-all-trades who is passionate about spreading a message geared toward self love and sharing the beauty that this planet holds. I am dedicated to helping build up souls loss in the onslaught of negative influences and naysayers who bring them down.


My mission is to grown and  preserve the beauty of the earth and within by doing my part to inspire and encourage through my own journey to improve myself and the environment.


I strive to make this dream a possibility by sharing ways:

  • to rid yourself of toxic relationships

  • find your voice and the will to say no

  • share tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint

  • advocating and providing alternatives for single-use items that pollute our oceans and taint our food supply

  • hosting clean up events

  • hosting self improvement retreats

  • sharing my journey toward my goals as a way to show you that it is possible, no matter where you started from.



My skills & interest include:

  • Bath & body product creation

  • Photography

  • Environmental conservation

  • Event planning

  • Website Design​

  • Graphic Design

My ultimate goal is to start a charity that will help bring about regulations that will improve disposal practices of certain items; as well as eradicate the use of single-use containers while cleaning up landfills clogged to the teeth with debris that could be reused for other purposes.


I am healthier and happier I accredit this most closely to changing my lifestyle and saying no more to what should be. I decided that my happiness is worth more than any comfort zone I sat in. I would rather fall down nine times to get up ten than sit stagnant in what is comfortable and "safe". I have taken leaps and strides along my path and now I am ready to tell my story.


I started this blog to help others improve their health, happiness, freedom, the health of the planet. I aim to teach people how to enjoy life and travel without impacting on the earth or those around them.


Most dire of all, I strive to let everyone know that their choices matter. Big or small, the changes you make add up to a huge impact; let those choices be positive.

I hope you follow along with me on my journey to happiness. Together we can grow, go on adventures, and gain time!


My website will include:

  • Travel tips from a nomadic perspective

  • Eco-friendly travel tips

  • How to become the person you have always wanted to become

  • Item reviews and recommendations to help you reduce your carbon footprint

  • Luxury items to improve your life while reducing your impact

  • Tips on ridding yourself of fear

  • Tips to get out of the rat race

  • How to start the business of your dreams

  • How to have the life you deserve

  • And pictures! Lots, and lots of pictures!

Now head over to the Social Media Page to follow my journey more closely or the Blog to read my opinions, advice, and recipes.